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5 Tips to Kayaking With Proper Form

By | PainPRO Sports, Blog

  Kayaking is a Year-Round Activity Even though it is winter in Vancouver, kayaking is still a great way to spend a clear day out on the water. You may be thinking that kayaking is pretty self-explanatory and does not require much instruction, but just like any other activity, there are proper ways to paddle that will reduce the incidence…

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Orthopeadic Manual Massage Therapy

By | Blog, Pain Info, Massage Research

Orthopeadic Manual Massage Therapy (OMMT) utilizes manipulations, mobilizations, and massage to specifically address musculoskeletal pain and dysfunctions.   OMMT involves the assessment and treatment of joints, muscles, connective tissue, nerves, and other soft tissues. The shorthand term “therapeutic massage” is often used to designate this style of treatment that RMTs are educated to perform. Therapeutic treatments differ greatly from general…

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Sports Massage Therapy

By | Blog, Sports Massage Therapy

Sports Massage Therapy at our painPRO clinics is targeted to support all fitness enthusiasts from elite athletes to weekend warriors. Properly applied, Sports Massage will help recovery time from sporting injuries as well as improving your sport performance.   Whether you are a competitive athlete, a committed exercise enthusiast, or simply a weekend warrior injury is always a possibility. If…

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