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April 2022

Physical therapist doing stretching to pregnant woman in a spa center.

How Physiotherapy Can Help Manage Pregnancy Pain

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Pregnant women often experience lower back pain or pelvic pain as the pregnancy progresses. Some studies show that physiotherapy can be more effective for some pregnant women who experience these types of pain than other leading pain management treatments. If you are experiencing pregnancy pain and considering physiotherapy in Surrey, our pain management professionals from painPRO are here to help….

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Fatigued upset older woman massaging nose bridge feeling eye strain

Ways Stress Affects Our Health and Daily Lives

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According to multiple reports and surveys, Canadians report feeling more stress in the past few years. Many people feel stressed due to worries about the future, jobs, family issues and more. It helps to understand how stress negatively affects people and how to reduce it.   How stress affects health Stressful situations can cause the heart to beat faster and…

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