Fight off Hip and Knee Arthritis: Just Run!

By | Pain Info

Fight off Hip and Knee Arthritis: Just Run! What is Osteoarthritis? Osteoarthritis is not a normal part of aging; it is a degenerative condition that negatively affects the cartilage in joints and causes pain and stiffness. It is usually caused by repetitive abnormal stress on a joint over time, resulting in cartilage in the joints thinning out. Cartilage acts as…

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9 Ways to Increase Your Physical Activity throughout the Day

By | Blog

Nine Ways to Increase Your Physical Activity throughout the Day We often times immediately think of taking up sports or other forms of structured exercise when considering getting in shape. While these can produce great results, it is every-day, non-structured activities (ie leisurely or free time activities), that have a tremendous impact on our physical health. Cumulative energy expended from…

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Car Accident Recovery 101 | Whiplash

By | Whiplash

What is Whiplash? Click Here for a video explaining what Whiplash is. Have you experienced a car accident that involved a quick forward/backwards jerking of your head? If so, you may likely be experiencing whiplash. These forces may cause damage to muscles, ligaments, and joints in the spine. In rare cases, bone fractures and dislocations may be present – the Canadian…

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Chemicals To Avoid

By | Food for thought

  Most of us do our best to avoid artificial chemicals in our foods, never realizing that inhaling them or applying them to our skin can sometimes be just as harmful as eating them. Propylene Glycol You could be putting antifreeze disguised by a nice fragrance on your skin. This chemical is linked to liver problems, kidney damage, skin cell…

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Small Group Functional Fitness Sessions

By | Uncategorized, Group Fitness

Dear painPRO members,   Brush off that snow, put on your training shoes and let’s kickoff 2017 with stability, strength and power!   Based on your requests, starting January 3rd, 2017 we would like to offer you the opportunity to take part in our Small Group Functional Fitness Sessions with our Registered Kinesiologist.   The goals of these group Functional…

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Core Training for Runners

By | Running Exercises

Running is one of the greatest physical feats and challenges we can take on. It is believed, that many common running injuries are the result of fatigue in muscles that control lateral movement. Fatigue of the muscles that extend our low-back has also been shown to correlate with an increased risk of low back injury. Here are three, simple exercises…

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Effective Treatments & Exercises for Tennis Elbow

By | Chronic Pain

Lateral epicondylitis, more commonly known as tennis elbow, is characterized by pain on the outside of the elbow with lifting, gripping, and repetitive finger and wrist movements. Despite the name, tennis elbow is not found exclusively amongst tennis players. In fact, the most common cause of tennis elbow is extended periods of time spent using a computer keyboard or mouse,…

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