“Kinesiologists are health care professionals who provide specialized movement therapy for the promotion of health and the treatment/ prevention of musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction.”

What is Kinesiology?

The Kinesiology profession is growing in popularity nationally. In BC top Kinesiologists belong to the British Columbia Association of Kinesiology (BCAK).

The Kinesiology profession encompasses mental and emotional wellness with an emphasis on physical exercise and skilled movement training. The goal for training is focused on general health in addition to the treatment/ prevention of physical dysfunction. This includes manual therapy techniques and active rehabilitation.

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Why Use a Kinesiologist (Kin)?

Health care professionals with the designation as a Kinesiologist have completed a Bachelor of Human Kinetics degree at an accredited Canadian University. The basis of the educational curriculum is centered on evidence informed movement analysis and exercise prescriptions designed to help reduce soft tissue pain, improve physical function, and enhance overall health.

The importance to you is the assurance that any health care professional with a Kinesiology designation has the proven ability to provide safe and effective health care for your physical health.

How are painPRO Kinesiologists Different?

At painPRO we are committed to the professional growth of all our kinesiologists and allocate significant resources to ensuring they have the highest professional standards in the industry. Here are a few of the things we do to ensure you get the best treatment possible:

  • Patient Centered

    All Kin’s working with painPRO are employees hired specifically for their patient centered focus. In our eyes no amount of education can take the place of a Kinesiologist who values who you are and looks out for your best interests.

  • One on One

    Our view is that great patient care is correlated to the amount of professional attention you get. This is why we insure that all Kin’s working with us do one on one therapy that includes manual techniques.

  • BCAK Membership

    We require all our Kin’s to become professional members of the British Columbia Association of Kinesiology. To us this insures a common compliance to the high professional standards that members are required to adhere to.

  • Function Based

    No two patients move, or function, the same. This is important because your movement patterns are unique to you and because of this our Kin’s spend time learning how you move best. Based on your Functional Assessment they design Functional Fitness and Active Rehab programs specific to your needs.

You’re in Good Hands

You don’t have to take our word for it. Here is what our patients have to say about our kinesiology services.

I’ve had amazing improvement since I began kinesiology sessions with Shireen. I have a hip labral tear injury and was referred to do kinesiology after doing physiotherapy. I’ve tried numerous practitioners from different disciplines over my many years of injury/pain management; Shireen is by far one of the best. She is thorough, knowledgeable, supportive and always available when I have questions. I’ve gone from re-learning how to walk (twice) to doing a Tough Mudder race, and I couldn’t have come this far without doing Kinesio. The strength and stability I’m developing is reducing my pain, improving my overall health and even delaying surgery. Anyone with chronic pain knows how amazing it feels to discover something that actually works, and Kinesio with Shireen actually works!

Negar J.

Locations Offering Kinesiology

Kinesiology Surrey Memorial

13737 96 Ave #507,
Surrey, BC V3V 0C6

Kinesiology Coal Harbour Vancouver Downtown

1112 W Pender St #705
Vancouver, BC V6E 2S1

Kinesiology Burnaby Metrotown

4710 Kingsway, Suite 2148
Burnaby, BC V5H 4J5

Kinesiology City Square Vancouver

555 West 12th Ave, Suite 495 West Tower
Vancouver, BC V5Z 3X7

Kinesiology North Surrey City Center

10366 136A St, Suite 104 Surrey, BC V3T 5R3

Kinesiology Coquitlam Centre

2950 Glen Dr
Suite 501
Coquitlam, BC V3B 0J1

“We take your treatment experience seriously and do everything possible to make you a raving fan of the painPRO Difference.”


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The health care profession of Registered Massage Therapy is far more advanced than typical body work or relaxation massage. There is a misconception that Massage Therapy is purely a feel good stress relief treatment. Although there are Registered Massage Therapy professionals who work with stress related issues this represents a small percentage of treatments.

The ultimate goal of Massage Therapy is to improve soft tissue and joint health through the manual manipulation of soft tissue, connective tissue, muscles, ligaments, and tendons coupled with therapeutic exercise. There are numerous evidence informed techniques employed with the ultimate goal of reducing pain, speeding up injury recovery, and improving movement performance.

There is a significant and growing field of Registered Massage Therapy that is focused on pain relief, injury recovery, and movement performance. This is the aspect of the industry that painPRO is best known for.