PainPRO offers a variety of courses for advancement in practitioner education. You are welcome if you are a physiotherapist, chiropractor, registered massage therapist, medical doctor, naturopath, acupuncturist, osteopath, etc.

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Are you looking for an evidence-based way to help people with low back pain?

This class is a comprehensive look at how Dr. Phillip Snell has been able to help thousands of patients achieve their functional goals. Learn to integrate the current evidence and cutting edge functional rehab exercise methods in management of lumbar disc injury.

Date: September 15 & 16, 2018

Location: painPRO Surrey Memorial Space is limited to the first 30 registrants.

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“Dr. Snell is great at Assimilating information. This ability has resulted in the forming of a patient-empowering, systematic and actionable approach to addressing the most common form of lower back pain.”

Adam Milsop, DC

Past Events


July 30: Pelvic pain – Sandi Hilton
October 29: painBC course – Eric Purves


July 17 & 20: ICBC and active rehab – Shireen Mistry
September 9 & 30: K-Box 1st education series – Tony McDougal
September 15 & 16: The Clinical Companion to
Nov 20 & 27: San Diego Pain conference video viewing – no-cost event


January 20: The basics of the shoe and orthotic recommendations, what to use them for, and when to refer.
February 24: Concussion education evening – Shireen Mistry
April 14 & 25: ICBC and research updates – Bodhi Haraldsson
May 24: The Shoulder with Kevin
June 23: The therapeutic relationship: empathy and rapport building – Jen Beaver


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