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Science and technology revolutionize our lives, but memory, tradition and myth frame our response…Arthur M. Schlesinger

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Are you looking for an evidence-based way to help people with Foot and Ankle dysfunction?

Explore the mysteries of foot and ankle dysfunction and evidence-based solutions for improved patient outcomes. In many situations, the foot and ankle could be the primary cause of pain but there are other considerations that could be causative factors.

Come and unravel the mystery of foot and ankle issues and leave with the knowledge and tools to provide improved outcomes for your patients.

This course will cover:

    • Part 1- January 22nd

      Assessment, gait analysis, orthopedic assessment, pathology, pathophysiology

      Part 2 – February 26th

      Treatment including footwear, orthotics/orthopedic devices, bracing, hands-on treatment, and exercises

After completion, you will have the knowledge and practical tools to:

    • Provide a general assessment of the foot and ankle
      • Conditions of the ankle and foot – tendinopathies, stress fractures, and other load-related problems, Ottawa ankle rules, plantar fasciitis
      • sprain, and instability
    • Treatment of foot and ankle
      • Manual therapies, Shockwave, Orthotics, and shoes
      • Athletic considerations
    • Exercises for foot and ankle conditions
      • logical progression that goes beyond exercise bands and wobble boards
      • Aging considerations

This will be two 3 hour in-clinic courses at our Burnaby Metrotown location. It will also be live-streamed for therapists interested in attending virtually. All material is Evidence-Based. Clinical experience and opinions will be clearly delineated

For further information about the author and their approach:

Paul Kinniston!

Course Information:

  • This is a free course for all painPRO staff and therapists.

Date: January 22 and Feb 26, 2023  5:00 – 8:00 pm

Location: painPRO Metrotown. Space is limited to the first 20 registrants.

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“Dr. Snell is great at Assimilating information. This ability has resulted in the forming of a patient-empowering, systematic and actionable approach to addressing the most common form of lower back pain.”

Adam Milsop, DC

Past Events


July 30: Pelvic pain – Sandi Hilton PT
October 29: painBC course – Eric Purves RMT


July 17 & 20: ICBC and active rehab – Shireen Mistry KIN
September 9 & 30: K-Box 1st education series – Tony McDougall DC
September 15 & 16: The Clinical Companion to – Dr Phillip Schnell
Nov 20 & 27: San Diego Pain conference video viewing – no-cost event


January 20: The basics of the shoe and orthotic recommendations, what to use them for, and when to refer.
February 24: Concussion education evening – Shireen Mistry KIN
April 14 & 25: ICBC and research updates – Bodhi Haraldsson RMT
May 24: The Shoulder – Kevin Thorneloe RMT
June 23: The therapeutic relationship: empathy and rapport building – Jen Moudahi RMT


No courses due to Covid 19


May 2 & 21: The therapeutic relationship: empathy and rapport building – Jen Moudahi RMT
May 19 & 23: Concussion Education – Shireen Mistry KIN
October 24: LAST Shoulder Course – Robert Libbey RMT


Sept 18: Concussion Education Part 1- Shireen Mistry KIN
Oct 16: Concussion Education Part 2- Shireen Mistry KIN
Oct 23: Concussion Education Part 3- Shireen Mistry KIN


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