Our Values

Our values inform everything we do at painPRO Clinics. We are proud to be a therapist owned and family operated group of community based clinics. Our approach is simple…we are in the business of helping people. Period!

The founding principles of painPRO centered around inspiring people that change was possible but that the change starts within. As a therapist, it was my goal to act as a facilitator with patients. Fast forward 20 years later the same principles apply when working with healthcare professionals and administrative support staff. Success only happens with teamwork, communication, and trust.  This is true both in the therapeutic relationship with patients and the business relationship between healthcare professionals and clinics.

The ultimate goal at painPRO is to always remain at the cutting edge of evidenced-informed pain science. We are proud to have many educators and research nuts within our team of healthcare professionals. The biopsychosocial model of pain plays an expanding role in our dialogue but who knows where research will take us.

Below are the 4 main values we aspire to when making any decision in our family of clinics. It’s always about people.

Warm Regards

Michael Desrochers…Founder

Improve lives

We value people and do everything possible to make today better than yesterday.

Inspire Change

We continually seek solutions that foster positive outcomes for others and ourselves.

Be Open Minded

We develop strong relationships by solving problems through active listening and a willingness to improve.

Pay It Forward

We show our gratitude by giving of our time, wisdom, or money to community initiatives helping people in need.

Why Partner with painPRO?

Our ultimate Vision is to empower people to achieve results beyond their expectations. This includes supporting therapists, and their patients, with problem free business services and industry leading education.

Team Based Culture

We are more than multidisciplinary…we work as a team to help improve patient outcomes.

Community Based Clinics

Each one of our clinics represents the unique qualities of the communities they serve.

Full Marketing Support

We dedicate significant resources to make sure therapists get busy and stay busy.


Learn from therapists who are top educators and researchers and help improve your clinical skills and patient outcomes.


Therapists get free access to our Institute of Clinical Excellence. Our evidence informed courses are designed by therapists for therapists who value being industry leaders.

Full Business Services

We combine advanced technology, with highly trained administrative staff, to provide seamless patient care and therapist support. We are proud to be paying our full-time administrative team a living wage and full benefits.

You’re in Control

Create a schedule that mirrors your lifestyle and financial needs.

Own Your Future

Benefit from your clinical success through our therapist share purchase program. Enjoy the financial benefits of ownership without the headaches.

Recognition and Awards

We are proud to be a multi-award-winning company that is therapist-owned and family operated. The best thing about the awards is our patient community voted for us. We are grateful for their support.

Our Culture

We make every attempt to provide a workplace that puts people before profits. Everything we do and every decision we make is Inspired by Heart and driven by our values. You don’t have to take our word for it…as the saying goes “a picture is worth a thousand words”. Clearly, it’s not all work and no play here at painPRO. This picture was taken on our annual company-paid Gratitude Boat Cruise. It’s just our way of paying it forward.


Join Us

If you see a fit for how you want to be supported in your health care career we’d love to hear from you. Our goal is to attract industry-leading therapists and clinic operations personnel to join our family. To start exploring your future at painPRO Clinics please reach out to us…careers@painproclinics.com

Explore the Future!