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Get the treatments you need when you need them.
You have enough stress in your life so we don’t want you to worry about how to pay for your treatments. Our patient support team will help get all the necessary paperwork done so you can merely come in for your treatments and we’ll look after the rest.

Will I have to get a Doctors note?
Each extended medical plan is different and you may want to check with your HR Dept or the person who handles the benefits for your company. In most cases Doctors notes are note required but if they are its easy to obtain one.

If your regular Doctor is busy we can refer you to one at a walk in clinic close to any of our locations. Generally once you’ve obtained your Doctors note you can get treatments for up to a year.

How much do I have to pay towards treatments?
This will depend on your benefit plan. The services covered are listed under the Paramedical section of most insurance policies. Generally insurance plans will have a limit they pay per treatment in addition to an annual limit on what you can spend. The annual limit is generally $300-500 per healthcare category. What this means is you would have $300 to $500 annual coverage for each painPRO service of Registered Massage Therapy, Physiotherapy, and Chiropractic. Again your benefits specialist at work can let you know these details.

We will bill insurers, that accept direct billing, for your treatments. Our patient support team will let you know how much your insurer paid and all you have to pay is the difference between the treatment price and your insurers payment. This is called the co-pay.

If I’ve spent my annual limit in one healthcare category can I use my limit from another category?
No. Let’s say you’ve used your $500 annual limit for Massage Therapy and still have $500 available for Physiotherapy. You cannot apply the $500 of unused Physiotherapy towards more Registered Massage Therapy treatments. Given our practitioners work collaboratively and our medical charting software is fully integrated we can provide you seamless healthcare between disciplines. What this means is that you can still get the needed treatments from another knowledgeable healthcare professional.

What if I have a Health Spending Account (HSA) or Flexible Spending Account (FSA)?
Many companies are moving away from traditional defined benefit plans in order to give you total control on your healthcare spending.  In other words you can spend your total benefit amount on any qualifying health care provider. At painPRO all our providers, with the exception of Kinesiology, are covered under HSA and FSA plans.

Currently HSA and FSA plans do not accept direct billing. With these plans all you do is submit the receipt we provide you after paying for your treatment. Once you submit this receipt to your plan administrator you will generally be reimbursed within 10 days.

“We take your treatment experience seriously and do everything possible to make you a raving fan of the painPRO Difference.”

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