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Chiropractor Dr. Simar Brar’s 5 Tips for a Healthy Spine While Working from Home

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Now, more than ever, working from home has become the norm! We are committed to helping our patients maintain a healthy work-life balance with minimal impact on their posture and overall spinal health since ergonomics at home may not be the most ideal. Sitting for long hours with poor posture can stress your musculoskeletal system (your muscles, joints and spine);…

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Closeup rear low angle view of an early 60's senior gentleman having some back pain. He's at doctor's office having medical examination by a male doctor. The patient is pointing to his lumbar region.

5 common and preventable injuries seen by physiotherapists

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Whether you’re an athlete or simply lead an active lifestyle, it’s common to experience certain aches, pains and injuries. While our Surrey physio will gladly create a treatment plan to help you recover, it’s important to know that some of the most frequently treated injuries are preventable. Here are five common, preventable injuries seen by physiotherapists.     1. Ankle…

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