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July 2022

Woman practicing yoga, lying in Knees to Chest pose, Apanasana

Best Physio Stretches Before Bed for Better Sleep

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When seeking physiotherapy Burnaby residents often tell us they have trouble falling or staying asleep at night. One thing we recommend is to spend 20-30 minutes stretching to relax the body and prepare the mind for rest. Here are a few physio stretches to try before bed to get a better night’s rest. 1. Legs up the wall This is…

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Physiotherapist hand massaging woman painful neck in physic room closeup back view. Recovery therapy

Physiotherapy Relieves Painful Symptoms of Chronic Stress

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Chronic stress symptoms impose pain on your body. Not only do you have the mental pressures behind your stress to contend with, but you suffer physically. The pain interferes with sleep that only adds to the cycle of tension that makes true relaxation impossible. Fortunately, relief of these symptoms is possible with physio in Vancouver.   Physical symptoms of chronic…

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