Physiotherapy Relieves Painful Symptoms of Chronic Stress

By July 19, 2022Blog

Chronic stress symptoms impose pain on your body. Not only do you have the mental pressures behind your stress to contend with, but you suffer physically. The pain interferes with sleep that only adds to the cycle of tension that makes true relaxation impossible. Fortunately, relief of these symptoms is possible with physio in Vancouver.

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Physical symptoms of chronic stress

  • Tension headaches
  • Sore neck, back, or shoulders
  • Chest pain
  • Indigestion
  • Fatigue
  • Insomnia

painPRO offers physiotherapy Burnaby, Surrey and Vancouver residents can trust since it can address these physical manifestations of stress. Under the care of a physiotherapist, you could learn:

  • Stretches that release muscle tension
  • Breathing exercises that promote relaxation
  • Exercises that combat fight-or-flight hormone responses


Relieve chronic pain without relying on drugs

Prolonged stress keeps muscles tense and elevates your blood pressure. The overwhelming tension produces pain in your muscles and joints. When these symptoms first arise, you might reach for pain-relieving pills, but they do not address your underlying physical reactions to stress.

Although the stress causes the physical symptoms, the physical symptoms themselves only worsen the situation. If you live in Surrey, physio treatments at painPRO could ease your pain.

Depending upon your complaints, physiotherapy in Surrey could include treatments such as:

  • Strategic facial massage to release jaw clenching
  • Trigger point massage for tension headaches
  • Joint manipulation to release stubborn joints fully
  • Stretches to release tense neck and back muscles
  • Cardio to boost metabolism and alleviate indigestion


Address anxiety

Anxiety often goes hand in hand with chronic stress. The tight breathing associated with anxiety places stress on the lungs. During a consultation for physio in Vancouver, you’ll try breathing exercises that loosen the pressure on your lungs and help you regain the ability to draw smooth, even breaths. 


Understand your body and regain control

When concerns and challenges overwhelm your mind, you may not notice the effect on your body until you’re stricken with pain and fitful sleep. A few sessions of physio in Surrey, Burnaby or Vancouver will empower you to reverse the effects of fight-or-flight reactions and reset your body.

A painPRO clinic is near you where you can take concrete steps to improve your quality of life under the care of a knowledgeable physiotherapist. Contact us today to book an appointment.


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