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4 Exercises to Manage Back Pain

By | Blog, Low Back Pain, Chronic Pain

4 Exercises to Manage Back Pain If you suffer from chronic back pain because of bad posture, general muscle weakness or a certain medical condition, there are specific exercises that can offer you relief. Many of the best exercises for the back are designed to relieve pain by strengthening and increasing the flexibility of back muscles while promoting better posture….

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Effective Treatments & Exercises for Tennis Elbow

By | Chronic Pain

Lateral epicondylitis, more commonly known as tennis elbow, is characterized by pain on the outside of the elbow with lifting, gripping, and repetitive finger and wrist movements. Despite the name, tennis elbow is not found exclusively amongst tennis players. In fact, the most common cause of tennis elbow is extended periods of time spent using a computer keyboard or mouse,…

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Massage Therapy and Cancer – Part 1

By | Massage Research, Blog, Cancer, Chronic Pain

This blog will explore what Massage Therapy can and cannot do for individuals with cancer. It will explore the symptomatic relief supported by a large body of research.   Massage Therapy does not treat cancer   “There is no scientific evidence that massage can treat cancer. However, massage is commonly used to help people feel better and to reduce some…

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