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Loving senior couple dancing in balcony. Happy man and woman are spending leisure time together. They are at home.

Dancing Produces Many Physical and Mental Health Benefits

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Dance is what anthropologists call a cultural universal because it is found in all human cultures. Although dance styles vary widely around the world, dancing has been an important component of socialization, entertainment and spiritual rituals throughout human history. To put it simply, people like to dance. This should not come as a surprise because dancing delivers physical, mental and…

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Mature female in elderly care facility gets help from hospital personnel nurse. Senior woman, aged wrinkled skin & hands of her care giver. Grand mother everyday life. Background, copy space, close up

5 Things to Know About Arthritis

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Did you know that September is Arthritis Awareness Month? According to statistics, nearly 6 million Canadians have arthritis. This is about 20% of the entire population. We’ve all heard of arthritis, but there’s plenty we may not know. Here are five quick facts about arthritis. 1. Children and adolescents can suffer from the disease. In Canada, at least 25,000 children…

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Portrait of confident mature businesswoman. Smiling female professional is working in creative office. She is wearing eyeglasses.

5 Health Tips for Going Back to the Office

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As more people are returning to work in offices throughout Vancouver, it is important to develop good habits for mental and physical health. These are the top five tips to remember at the office. Prioritize your posture If you have a poor posture all day, you can develop back pain and muscle tension. Practice sitting up straight, and keep your…

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Young female student taking notes for her study

Effects of Studying on Health and How Massage Therapy Can Help

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Learning can be challenging at times, yet it’s something everyone must do. Education leads to opportunities, which is the reason many invest time into learning and getting good grades. The problem arises when someone studies too much, which could lead to certain issues that could be addressed with massage therapy. What does over studying cause? People over study for various…

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