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Fight off Hip and Knee Arthritis: Just Run!

By | Pain Info

Fight off Hip and Knee Arthritis: Just Run! What is Osteoarthritis? Osteoarthritis is not a normal part of aging; it is a degenerative condition that negatively affects the cartilage in joints and causes pain and stiffness. It is usually caused by repetitive abnormal stress on a joint over time, resulting in cartilage in the joints thinning out. Cartilage acts as…

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Therapeutic Exercise

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Therapeutic exercise, also known as exercise therapy, is a broad term to define any physical activity used to reach specific health goals.   This can range from improving basic functions (or decreasing pain) to reaching athletic goals.   For example: An older individual may perform exercises to improve balance and make it easier to get up from a chair. The…

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Orthopeadic Manual Massage Therapy

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Orthopeadic Manual Massage Therapy (OMMT) utilizes manipulations, mobilizations, and massage to specifically address musculoskeletal pain and dysfunctions.   OMMT involves the assessment and treatment of joints, muscles, connective tissue, nerves, and other soft tissues. The shorthand term “therapeutic massage” is often used to designate this style of treatment that RMTs are educated to perform. Therapeutic treatments differ greatly from general…

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The Bowen Massage Therapy Technique

By | Massage Research, Pain Info, Blog

According to Hansen and Taylor-Piliae (2011), Bowen Massage Therapy is a non-invasive technique using specific series of gentle hand movements directly on the skin to stimulate nerve pathways.   The movement is intended to gently stretch the skin, muscle, and fascia in the affected area. This stretch stimulates nerve pathways and attempts to stimulate healing pathways through realignment of microfibers…

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Craniosacral Therapy

By | Massage Research, Pain Info, Blog, Headache Pain, Stress Related Pain, Neurological Pain

Craniosacral Therapy (CST) was originally developed by John E. Upledger in the 1970s in Florida. It utilizes a gentle, hands-on approach to release deep tensions in the body to decrease pain and dysfunction, while improving overall health and performance.   Specific dysfunctions that are proposed to be positively affected by CST include: migraines, headaches, chronic back and neck pain, stress-related…

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Active and Passive Assisted Stretching

By | Massage Research, Pain Info, Blog

Stretching involves lengthening of tissues through movement of a joint through its whole range of motion.   Active and passive descriptions denote whether the patient actively contracts muscles to produce or help with the movement, or passively lets the therapist provide all the force for the movement.   How does it work?   The therapist will stabilize one side of…

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Treat Yourself this Holiday Season

By | PainPRO News, Pain Info, Blog

The Gift of Health and Wellness   As the holidays envelop us and every one scrambles the malls to get all their Christmas gifts bought in time, it can be useful to take a step back and think about what really matters.   Whereas most people would say that spending time with family and friends provides the real enjoyment and…

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Tips to Avoid Christmas Shopping Pains

By | Pain Info, Blog

It’s a tale as old as infomercials – tiring nights of Christmas shopping followed by equally tiring days at the office. You felt fine doing the same thing last year, didn’t you? Why should this year be any different?   The Problem This year you feel cramped and tense, with hurting feet and a twinge in your neck or stiffness…

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