Injury Analysis Surrey Memorial/Coal Harbour Comparison

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Dataset was manually extracted from the practitioner charts for the most recent 200 treatment visits at painPRO Surrey Memorial and painPRO Coal Harbour for all disciplines before December 1, 2017.

Coal Harbour Surrey Memorial
Treatment Type #1 Area of Concern Treatment Type #1 Area of Concern
Chiropractic Cervical 41.4% Chiropractic Lumbar 45.0%
Physiotherapy Lumbar 26.7% Physiotherapy Cervical 18.9%
Massage Therapy Thoracic 28.3% Massage Therapy Cervical 37.6%
Active Rehabilitation Cervical 50.0% Active Rehabilitation Cervical 50.0%


Coal Harbour Surrey Memorial
Treatment Type Percentage of Treatments Treatment Type Percentage of Treatments
Chiropractic 14.5% Chiropractic 10.0%
Physiotherapy 30.0% Physiotherapy 18.5%
Massage Therapy 49.5% Massage Therapy 66.5%
Active Rehabilitation 6.0% Active Rehabilitation 5.0%


*New Variable for Surrey Memorial Only – % of ICBC Treatments per Treatment Type*

Treatment Type Total Treatments for MVA (ICBC) Percentage of Total Discipline Treatments
Chiropractic 1 5.0%
Physiotherapy 14 37.8%
Massage Therapy 40 30.1%
Active Rehabilitation 10 100.0%



Of the most recent 200 treatment visits at the Coal Harbour clinic before December 1, 2017, patients saw RMTs the most at 49.5%, followed by Physiotherapists at 30.0%, and Chiropractors at 14.5%. In comparison to the Surrey Memorial clinic, patients saw RMTs more often at 66.5%, followed by Physiotherapists at 18.5%, and Chiropractic at 10.0%. The reason for this discrepancy could be that there is only one Physiotherapist and one Chiropractor in Surrey Memorial, but multiple Physiotherapists and Chiropractors in the Coal Harbour clinic. In retrospect, it could be that patients tend to book more often for RMT out in Surrey Memorial instead of the other treatment types.

Contrasting the three types of manual therapy for both clinics, all top area of concerns are varied. While Coal Harbour Chiropractors saw a majority of cervical chief complaints (41.4%), Surrey Memorial saw very little cervical and a majority of lumbar chief complaints (45.0%). Physiotherapy at Surrey Memorial was widely varied in terms of chief complaints, but the top area was cervical (18.9%). Coal Harbour Physiotherapy had a top area of lumbar (26.7%). Lastly, what seemed to be followed by an abundance of mid back pain and postural strains in the Coal Harbour location, thoracic dominated the chief complaints seen by RMTs (28.3%). However, cervical chief complaints made up the top chief complaints at Surrey Memorial (37.6%).

The introduction of the ICBC variable with the Surrey Memorial clinic may imply the differences in chief complaints seen between the two locations. Especially with Massage Therapy and Physiotherapy, the percentage of their total treatments that were ICBC/MVA related were 30.1% and 37.8%, respectively. This variable shows a large amount of patients seeing these practitioners due to an MVA-related injury, and usually has implications towards an abundance of cervical and lumbar chief complaints (e.g. whiplash, cervical strains, low back pain, and more acute injuries). While the niche over at the Coal Harbour location is more catered towards office workers, the Surrey Memorial location tends to deal with more ICBC and acute injury related patients.

Future recommendations include continuous analysis of data between the Coal Harbour and Surrey Memorial clinic, in addition to the possibility of mixing in datasets from the Fairview and North Surrey clinic. Additionally, the Coal Harbour clinic should be further analyzed for the ICBC variable to find a proportion of patients who come for treatment due to a MVA related injury.



Isolating chief complaints per area of concern for categories:

Cervical – Cervical strain, concussion, dermatome, first rib dysfunction, headaches, lev scap pain, pinched nerve, rye neck, TMJ, upper traps stiffness

Lumbar – Glutes stiffness, low back pain, mechanical hip pain, piriformis pain

Thoracic – Mid back pain, postural

Shoulder – Clavicle fracture, glenohumeral impingement, rotator cuff tendinopathy, shoulder strain

Whole Body – Full rehabilitation, relaxation

Arm – Forearm pain, lateral epicondylitis, medial epicondylitis, upper arm pain

Leg – Calf pain, hamstring pain, knee pain, mechanical leg pain, quadriceps tightness

Foot – Ankle sprain, fat pad


Coal Harbour Surrey Memorial


Coal Harbour Surrey Memorial


Coal Harbour Surrey Memorial



Coal Harbour Surrey Memorial




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