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The Bowen Massage Therapy Technique

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According to Hansen and Taylor-Piliae (2011), Bowen Massage Therapy is a non-invasive technique using specific series of gentle hand movements directly on the skin to stimulate nerve pathways.   The movement is intended to gently stretch the skin, muscle, and fascia in the affected area. This stretch stimulates nerve pathways and attempts to stimulate healing pathways through realignment of microfibers…

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Active and Passive Assisted Stretching

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Stretching involves lengthening of tissues through movement of a joint through its whole range of motion.   Active and passive descriptions denote whether the patient actively contracts muscles to produce or help with the movement, or passively lets the therapist provide all the force for the movement.   How does it work?   The therapist will stabilize one side of…

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Male or Female Therapist… Does Gender Matter?

By | Massage Research, Blog

Addressing Massage Therapist Gender Concerns   Here at PainPRO many clients request a female therapist over a male.   Many individuals are open to either gender, but still prefer female therapists. We thought that we should take the time to address possible concerns that may be leading to this desire. All Therapists at PainPRO are professionally trained, and we want…

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