Male or Female Therapist… Does Gender Matter?

By January 21, 2015Massage Research, Blog

Addressing Massage Therapist Gender Concerns


Here at PainPRO many clients request a female therapist over a male.


Many individuals are open to either gender, but still prefer female therapists. We thought that we should take the time to address possible concerns that may be leading to this desire. All Therapists at PainPRO are professionally trained, and we want you as the client to feel comfortable seeing any therapist on our team.


RMTs in BC have gone through some of the most extensive and rigorous training anywhere in the world.


All RMT’s complete between 2200 and 3000 hours of education, meeting selection criteria and professional ethical standards. The College of Massage Therapists of British Columbia (CMTBC) is the governmental regulatory body that acts of behalf of citizens to ensure all therapists provide safe and effective treatment (see their website:


If you ever have a complaint with the treatment provided by a therapist, the CMTBC is the regulatory body you should contact.


I bring this up because it is good general knowledge to have, but also to emphasize that Massage Therapy in BC is a regulated health care profession with all the same regulatory processes as any other health profession. RMTs are trained to act according to professional ethical standards, fully cognizant that we can potentially lose our license over any inappropriate action.


What if I’m just not comfortable with a male therapist?


Not to worry!


We understand that some individuals have concerns about being undressed and touched by a male; whether this is due to religious or cultural beliefs, or just because it’s a personal preference!


We would like to emphasize that you only ever have to undress as far as you are comfortable. With that said, all undressing is done in private; The therapist steps out of the room where the individual undresses to the appropriate level of clothing and gets on the table in-between two sheets with a blanket on top.


Massage in clothes


For those uncomfortable getting down to your nickers, wearing a sports bra and comfortable shorts can also be acceptable.


Once in position the therapist will knock before entering, and only undrape areas that are being directly worked on, with informed consent given along every step of the way.



But being touched by a male is inappropriate!


In regards to worries over being touched by a male, it is good to keep in mind that all therapists go through several hundred hours of hands-on time while in school, and accumulate hundreds more every year in practice. We are medical professionals who view the body with a scientific perspective, devoting our full attention on attaining your treatment goals.


We respect every individuals’autonomy and ability to choose who they receive medical care from. Requests for female therapists will always be permitted!


We want you to be as comfortable as possible, regardless of the therapist’s gender.


So if you’re ready for a change and live in the Vancouver or Surrey area, try booking online with one of our male RMT’s today!


This article was written and submitted by Arnold Warkentin, RMT
Feel free to voice any comments, questions or concerns by calling 604-683-7246
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