Use Your Benefits Before They Expire at the End of 2018

By December 13, 2018PainPRO News

Your extended health care benefits grant finite funding levels for some services, and the money does not roll over from year to year. If you don’t use them for health services before the year ends, then you will forfeit benefits that you or your employer have already paid for. This loss represents a missed opportunity to manage your injury, chronic pain or stress.

Among other health services, these plans generally pay for paramedical services that include physiotherapy, chiropractic and massage. To get the most value from your plan, you should strive to use up your full benefit allotment before 2018 ends.


Many Benefits Go Unclaimed

According to the Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association, 67 percent of Canadians have access to extended health care plans. Unfortunately, most of the roughly 23 million people covered by these plans have a poor understanding of available benefits. In 2017, a survey that tracks employer-sponsored plans revealed that only 13 percent of participants understood their coverage and how to use it.

When the Great-West Life Assurance Company reviewed claims, it identified low use of paramedical benefits. Despite widespread eligibility, only small numbers of people collected benefits for chiropractic, massage, and physiotherapy. In 2001, less than 10 percent of plan participants made claims for massage. Currently, about 18 percent of people are claiming their chiropractic benefits, and 15 percent have pursued payment for physiotherapy.


Your Benefits Are Waiting

Physiotherapy and chiropractic therapies could produce significant improvements in your health and well-being. PainPRO professionals will provide individuals with hands-on treatments designed to relieve tension and pain. Our personal attention could lead to the restoration of strength, flexibility, and mobility and improve your long-term health. These therapies often present effective alternatives to surgical intervention, pain medications, or simply living with pain.

There’s still time to contact painPRO and make an appointment before the year comes to an end. By using your 2018 coverage before it expires, you’ll have a chance to realize the most value from your health care plan and potentially reduce pain in the New Year.

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