Treat Yourself this Holiday Season

By December 19, 2014PainPRO News, Pain Info, Blog

The Gift of Health and Wellness


As the holidays envelop us and every one scrambles the malls to get all their Christmas gifts bought in time, it can be useful to take a step back and think about what really matters.


Whereas most people would say that spending time with family and friends provides the real enjoyment and fulfillment during the holiday season, material possessions dominate our thoughts and create stress at every stage of the process.


While friends and family should be at the forefront of our minds and attention, there’s still one more person you may have forgotten to take care of…




It can be easy to overlook ourselves in this whole parade.


We get caught up with work and personal parties on top of our holiday festivities. Along with long work hours followed by hours of shopping, health and wellness can get left behind in this whole process.


We often overlook our health, and rarely even think about it until we see our aging relatives and realize how quickly we can lose something we’d taken completely for granted. This holiday season, take a step back and think about yourself for a few seconds!


Keeping yourself healthy.


What can you do to take your health back into your hands? Proper sleep and nutrition will likely come to the forefront; as they should! But don’t forget about stress management and your physical health.


This is where PainPRO should come to mind. Book a massage today and devote thirty minutes to an hour for yourself. Take some time to breath and let your muscles relax.


Decreasing stress as well as muscle tension, fatigue and pain is what we do best. Give yourself this gift!


If you are one of few who have your health and wellness managed well, then maybe you should think about your family and friends. They may be in dire need of some time to be able to take a break from their busy life.


So don’t hesitate!


Give us a call or book online today!


After all, pain doesn’t wait… why should you?


This article was written and submitted by Arnold Warkentin, RMT
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