Ultimate 101: How To Throw and Catch Like A Pro

Men playng ultimate frisbee


Over the summer, you may have noticed a lot more frisbees flying around your local park or playing field. In recent years, Ultimate Frisbee has become increasingly popular in North America, with leagues that cater to players of all skill levels, from people who have never touched a frisbee in their life to national-level athletes. As a non-contact sport that puts a heavy emphasis on sportsmanship, it’s an easy and fun game to get into. Learn to play Ultimate like a pro with these tips and tricks.




Backhand: The easiest and most common throw. Put four fingers in the cup of the disc with the thumb on top. Rotate towards the left side (if you’re a righty) or the right (if you’re a lefty), bend your wrist and elbow in front of you, and release with a flick of your wrist. 


Forehand (aka Flick): Slightly more advanced than the backhand, but oftentimes a defender will guard your backhand to force you to throw forehand. Place your index and middle finger under the disc and the thumb on top, and hold the disc at a 45-degree angle, then throw the disc in a flicking motion in the direction you want. 


Hammer: This is an advanced technique where the disc is thrown overhead. Hold the disc like you would for a flick, then tilt the disc slightly towards the left (if you’re a righty) or the right (if you’re a lefty). Pull back, and snap your wrist downwards following the motion of the throw. The disc will start off tilted before landing face down. 




Pancake: The simplest type of catch in the game. Place hands so that the palms are facing each other, then catch the disc by clapping your hands together to trap the disc in between. This is also known as the alligator catch because your hands mimic an alligator closing its jaws. 


Two-Handed or One-Handed Grip: This is an effective method to catch discs over your head. With your arms straight out, catch the disc with your fingers on top of the disc and your thumb underneath. You can catch the disc with both hands, or one hand. 


Layout: This is a diving catch used when you cannot run to a disc in time. With your arms straight out, jump towards the disc and keep your body horizontal. You should catch the disc one-handed before landing on your stomach. If you successfully pull it off at the end-zone, you will be hailed as a hero. 


With these techniques mastered, you’ll be throwing and catching like a pro in no time! If you are recovering from an Ultimate Frisbee injury, be sure to reach out to painPRO to book an appointment.






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