Therapeutic exercise, also known as exercise therapy, is a broad term to define any physical activity used to reach specific health goals.


This can range from improving basic functions (or decreasing pain) to reaching athletic goals.


For example: An older individual may perform exercises to improve balance and make it easier to get up from a chair. The type and intensity of exercise can vary from visualizations to intense workouts, depending on the type of patient, presenting problem, and goals.


exercise bandsHere at PainPRO we expand the number and type of exercises available to us and you through the use of resistance bands.


These therapeutic exercise bands are given to our patients to compliment their treatment. Part of each treatment may include teaching you how to perform an exercise using the resistance band (or simple bodyweight) so that you can take the knowledge with you and perform the exercise on your own as prescribed.


What is Therapeutic Exercise?


Once again, this is a broad category that works in many different ways depending on the type of therapeutic exercise used.


The most common feature involves getting the patient to move at a level appropriate for their current situation. Afterwards, progressive increases are introduced that provide adequate stress to the body to stimulate positive changes, growth, and adaption.




Benefits are also varied depending on the patient’s specific presenting problem, goal, and current capabilities.


The main benefit would be to help you reach your health goal, whatever that may be. Decreased pain and increased function would be the two main intended benefits of therapeutic exercise.


Will it Hurt?


Pain is certainly a possibility, with muscle fatigue or soreness as more likely (and often intended) side-effects.


Most often pain is minimized by challenging and progressing each individual at the appropriate level. Muscle fatigue is the intended symptom during exercises, and delayed onset muscle soreness is a common side-effect after exercising. The intensity of these symptoms is often minor when the appropriate intensity of Therapeutic Exercise is used.

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