Prevent Sports Injury with Sport Massage Therapy

By March 20, 2013Pain Info, Blog

Prevent Sports Injury with Sport Massage Therapy

Sports Massage Therapy in Vancouver just got better. For those involved with athletics, the associated risk of injury is so significant that an entire branch of health and social services, sports medicine, exists to accommodate it. Even with preventive warm-up exercises, a level of danger still exists.

Sports injuries are unfortunately common, and while many methods exist to treat an injury after it has occurred, there are much fewer preventive measures available to athletes. One such method that has gained prominence within the last several years is the utilization of message therapy as a strategy to help prevent sports injuries.

Massage therapy is proven to benefit and maintain the health of muscles and connective tissues, areas that are vitally important to ensuring safety in athletics. Massage therapy further increases the natural endurance of muscles, while also improving range of motion and flexibility. These benefits allow massage therapy to greatly reduce the dangers of sports injuries.

Following a session of massage, an athlete is more able to perform safely, and with greater effectiveness.

The utilization of massage therapy benefits the body in ways that most warm-up routines fail to do. Over time, select muscles may tighten and shorten. This greatly endangers the body, and unfortunately, an athlete is rarely aware of it until after an injury has occurred. Through regular massage sessions, this ceases to be a major issue, as the massage will prevent these unwanted effects in the muscles. A further benefit of regular sessions is that oxygen flow is naturally improved, which creates healthier conditions for muscles, optimizing body tissue. Muscle stiffness and tension will usually be relieved through massage.

The release of endorphins is stimulated by massage therapy. Research suggests that massage augments the frequency endorphins are released into the blood stream. This does more than help prevent an sports injury; it aids in providing a life time of health.

Many practitioners agree that regular sessions of massage therapy will not only reduce the danger of injury, but will also extend an athlete’s career through better maintaining physical health. Massage therapy can even improve the body’s immune system.

Modern medicine is commonly criticized for only providing treatment to a single, specific region. Medication, drugs, surgery; each method is designed to have a limited affect. Modern medicine is not intended to provide a full state of wellness.

In great contrast, regular sessions of massage therapy ARE show to improve every aspect of one’s health, from reduced stress to greater athletic endurance. Massage therapy should be employed in almost any circumstance, and its benefits extend well beyond helping to prevent sports injuries.

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