Articular Strain Technique

Articular Strain Technique (also known as Ligamentous Articular Strain Technique or L.A.S.T.) attempts to correct for improper joint positioning at rest, or with movement by manually manipulating the joint capsule and associated tissues.


These imbalances can occur over time – from injury, or due to other health factors. They result in improper joint positioning within the capsule; this affects the efficiency of movement, fluid and blood flow, as well as surrounding muscle function.


The main targets of manipulations are:


  • Ligaments
  • Joint capsules
  • Tendons
  • Muscles
  • Fascia



Utilizing positional, visceral, and craniosacral releases, the articular strain technique stimulates the body to heal and correct imbalances over time.


Ligamentous Articular Strain TechniqueHow does it work?


Massage Therapists utilize manual pressure along with specific passive and active joint movements.


Pressure is used to disengage joint pressure, and followed by exaggerated motions with the goal of restoring balance. These movements are repeated multiple times followed by a rest period.



Benefits of the Articular Strain Technique


Intended benefits include: increased range of motion, decreased pain, and increased function in specific joints.


Helping to restore homeostasis, injured tissues are given the opportunity to heal and function efficiently. Restoring altered sensation thresholds and reflexive muscle activation are also intended benefits. With more efficient, pain-free movement, individuals will likely see benefits in athletic performance and function.


Will it hurt?


Some discomfort is to be expected from the manual pressure, and possibly the joint range of motion.


Overall pain is minimal, with pain-free range of motion intended during the treatment and as a goal of the treatment.


After the treatment, minor discomfort is possible, depending on factors such as the severity of the issue and the timeframe of the injury.


If you feel that this is the right treatment for you, head over to our Find a Therapist pages and look for an RMT who may be able to help!

Simply select Articular Strain Technique from the Treatment Technique pull down menu, and then select any other applicable factors such as Location. Massage Pressure and more!

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