Injury Analysis Surrey Memorial/Coal Harbour Comparison

By | Pain Info

Dataset was manually extracted from the practitioner charts for the most recent 200 treatment visits at painPRO Surrey Memorial and painPRO Coal Harbour for all disciplines before December 1, 2017. Coal Harbour Surrey Memorial Treatment Type #1 Area of Concern Treatment Type #1 Area of Concern Chiropractic Cervical 41.4% Chiropractic Lumbar 45.0% Physiotherapy Lumbar 26.7% Physiotherapy Cervical 18.9% Massage Therapy…

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Injury Analysis Surrey Memorial – Area of Concerns per Discipline

By | Pain Info

Dataset was manually extracted from the practitioner charts for the most recent 200 treatment visits at painPRO Surrey Memorial for all disciplines before December 1, 2017. Treatment Type #1 Area of Concern #2 Area of Concern #3 Area of Concern Chiropractic Lumbar 45.0% Thoracic 35.0% Cervical 10.0% Physiotherapy Cervical 18.9% Lumbar 18.9% Shoulder 16.2% Massage Therapy Cervical 37.6% Lumbar 24.1%…

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Burnaby MT Cervical Chief Complaints Analysis

By | Pain Info

  Cervical Areas of Concern painPRO’s Burnaby Clinic has expanded into one of the Metrotown towers! We understand that neck (cervical) areas of concern have been one of our highest chief complaints in the past while. This analysis is based off of painPRO Burnaby’s practitioners in March 2018 for cervical chief complaints.   Different Disciplines and Treatments RMTs at our…

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Oouch! I Hurt my Head

By | Pain Info

When you hear of someone diagnosed with a ‘concussion’ what are your immediate thoughts? Do you know what having a concussion means? What it feels like? What the person that had the concussion is going through? A concussion is very different from a muscle strain or a broken bone. An injury to a muscle/bone will typically heal in six-eight weeks…

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Health Benefits of Exercising During Pregnancy

By | Amazing Facts

Exercise during pregnancy offers various health benefits for pregnant women and their fetuses. Exercise has been shown to prevent excessive gestational weight gain, and decrease the risk of gestational diabetes, preeclampsia, caesarean delivery, low back pain, pelvic girdle pain, and urinary incontinence. According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, physical exercise does not pose significant risks for both…

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By | Functional Fitness

Although most people have heard about the benefits of regular physical activity, it is very common for adults to exercise less often as they age. Exercising regularly can improve many health factors, including mood, bone health, energy levels, brain health, and weight management. Continuing to exercise as you get older is crucial in order to maintain strength and functional capacity….

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Dog Days of Winter

By | Food for thought

Dog walking in Vancouver is a lucrative business. In Kits, in East Van, in the West End and on the sea wall; everywhere there are people walking four or five dogs, making sure that the pups get their daily exercise. Passing a dog walker on the street this morning got me thinking… What are the dogs’ owners doing at this…

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Fit for SNOW! A Guide to Ski Prehab

By | Injury Prevention

If you love to ski like me, you have probably been eyeing up the snow on the north shore mountains with all this rain we’ve been getting, or maybe even dreaming of powder days to come – cue picture below (1). Ski season is here, and that means that you should be preparing your body with a conditioning program. Prehabilitation…

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ICBC Statistics Provide Interesting Patient Insights

By | Amazing Facts, Insurance Claim

To better understand our patients, painPRO conducted a survey of over 100 clients with ICBC claims. We are proud to provide patients with access to chiropractors in Vancouver and the surrounding areas, and we are always looking for ways to better serve patients. The following statistics were gathered from ICBC patients who visited painPRO for physiotherapy and other related services…

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What does a proper warm-up look like?

By | Amazing Facts, Injury Prevention, Functional Fitness

You have probably heard that completing a warm-up is important before playing sports and engaging in physical activity to prevent injuries, but what does a proper warm-up actually look like? In short, a warm-up serves to increase muscle dynamics and raise the temperature and flexibility of your muscles so that it becomes less injury-prone. Research has also shown that a…

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