Accident Related Injuries

By November 7, 2014Blog, Accident Related Injuries

Since accidents are a part of life we try to make it easy for you to get the treatment you need. At painPRO many of our RMT’s are authorized ICBC and WCB providers and as such we will bill the insurers directly for their portion of the treatment coverage. Whether you hurt yourself during your favourite sporting activity, injured yourself at work, or you had an automobile accident we can help. For anyone who is struggling with accident induced pain you understand how draining it is. At painPRO we understand it too and we work hard to get you back to an active pain free life.

Auto Accidents

Motor vehicle accidents can cause complicated soft tissue damage even at low speeds. Because of this, ICBC provides access toRegistered Massage Therapy for improved long term recovery of soft tissue damage.

ICBC – Current Massage Therapy Policy

  • ICBC now categorizes massage therapy as nondiscretionary therapy as per physiotherapy and chiropractic. This means that treatment is automatically approved for a claimant injured in an MVA
  • ICBC has removed the “1st 8 week post MVA” time limitation on massage therapy treatments. This means that a patient can seek and receive massage therapy any time after an MVA, provided that the claim is still open.
  • An MD referral is no longer necessary for the first 12 treatments. But all massage therapists are required to assess and determine that their treatment plan (as per CMTBC practice standards) is reasonable and necessary.
  • ICBC is regulated to pay a minimum 12 treatments but has the discretion to authorize further therapy (up to 20 treatments). A request for more than 12 treatments is given if further therapy is recommended by an MD, and again the treatments are deemed to be reasonable and necessary.
  • ICBC will cover $23 (plus taxes) for each treatment. You are responsible for the difference. It is then your responsibility to receive full/part payment back from your insurance company. If you are considering seeking legal advice for your ICBC claim we can offer referrals to lawyers who are proactive in helping accident victims get the treatment they desperately need.

At painPRO we have many massage therapists who are Registered as ICBC Providers. Please review our Therapists page, or call us at 604-683-7246 to find a painPRO RMT that works directly with ICBC.

Workplace Accidents

Workman’s Compensation Board of BC provides massage therapy coverage to individuals who are injured on the job. At painPRO we are currently an opted out clinic. We do not bill directly to WCB therefor you will be required to pay for the full treatment and work with your WCB adjuster to receive payment coverage for your claim.

Sports Injury

Sporting injuries can take many forms but the common denominator is pain. We understand the importance of creating a therapeutic massage treatment specifically for your injury. Our Registered Massage Therapists in Vancouver will develop a Sport Massage Therapy treatment specific to your situation to help you get back to doing the things you love.

Whether you are a competitive athlete, a committed exercise enthusiast, or simply a weekend warrior injury is always a possibility. If lady luck hasn’t been on your side and you’re reading this we can only assume you’re looking to get back to your favourite sporting activity ASAP.

Let our massage therapy team at painPRO help you get back to having pain free

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