Here Is How Physiotherapy Can Help Relieve Arthritis Symptoms

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Arthritis is a frustrating condition. You can’t make it go away, but physiotherapy can manage symptoms. Physiotherapy principles inspire multiple approaches that can:

  • reduce pain
  • improve function
  • delay deterioration

Almost anyone with arthritis, from emerging to severe conditions, could benefit from physiotherapy in Vancouver. Physicians sometimes even prescribe physiotherapy for arthritis for post-surgery patients. 

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Physiotherapy goals

After an exam, your physiotherapist prepares a strategy to alleviate your pain. Depending on your condition, the treatment goals may include:

  • maintaining existing function
  • strengthening muscles around the joint
  • restoring function
  • increasing mobility
  • improving balance


Address the negative impacts of pain

Pain and/or limited mobility in one or more joints can cause a cascade of ill effects through your body. As you shift your weight to less tender joints, you create new stresses on other soft tissues. When you avoid the use of joints, the muscles around them get weaker. This leaves you unbalanced and less able to cope with physical challenges. 


Physiotherapy methods

Physio in Vancouver can offer many techniques and tools to draw upon to target areas for pain relief and improvement of joint function. 

  1. Exercises

Precisely chosen exercises often relieve pain. Strengthening muscles around a joint reduces pressure on the joint where cartilage loss is producing painful friction. Stronger muscles equal greater stability that further lessens stress on your joints.

  1. Manipulation

When a therapist gently moves the arthritic joint, often in conjunction with massage, your range of motion may gradually increase.

  1. Assistive devices

Sometimes people need extra help from a cane or walker to limit pain and remain as mobile as possible. Should your physiotherapist recommend assistive devices, therapy may still include exercises and manipulation. Indeed, you’ll need instruction on how to use your device for the greatest effect. Incorrect posture or technique with a device can cause new physical problems. A physiotherapist also sizes and adjusts assistive devices so that they deliver optimal support and do not strain you. 


Consult a painPRO physiotherapist

We have clinic locations throughout Metro Vancouver and offer physiotherapy in Burnaby as well. Physical therapy has great potential to improve your quality of life. It is the preferred, drug-free way to manage arthritis. 


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