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By November 27, 2018PainPRO News

The KBox might be the most innovative, efficient, and effective tool, that nobody knows about, at least in the world of rehabilitation. In the Strength and Conditioning and Rehabilitation world, Exxentric’s KBox and other Flywheel Technology, is used at the highest levels of competitive sports, such as professional hockey, basketball, soccer, football and volleyball. In the Lower Mainland nobody, except painPRO Clinics and Saltus Athletic Academy, has recognized the potential of this Swedish company’s product. While our friends at Saltus are using it for exclusively performance aspects, at painPRO we are leading the field in it’s application as a device for rehabilitation particularly as part of our Kinesiology sessions, fall prevention / anti-aging and performance training.

The scientific evidence tells us that eccentric muscle contractions are ideal for strengthening and lengthening muscles, increasing power, effective for increasing vertical jump height as well as change of direction capacity. So whether you are a basketball player making a hard cut to get open or you just need the strength to step off of the bus without risk of falling, the kbox provides a safe, effective, and challenging alternative or complement to traditional resistance training.

The Flywheel Technology is unique because it is based on the inertia that is generated by the user with each repetition. This means that the harder you pull it, the harder it pulls back and so the only limitation to maximum force developed depends on you, the user. Also, because of this fact, higher numbers of max effort repetitions can be done in each set, allowing for optimal strength gains.

Common exercises performed with the KBox include squats and all squat variations, deadlifts, rowing, arm curls, side lunges, and many more as the growing community of KBox users gets creative with the possibilities.

painPRO has successfully been using the KBox to rehabilitate people who have had knee injuries, hip replacement surgery, motor vehicle accidents, as well as to strengthen athletes such as basketball players, MMA fighters, and professional dancers, along with improving the functional capacity of deconditioned older adults.

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