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Back pain which prevents you from enjoying a favorite activity. Aches in your joints which feel like an over-tightened rubber band, ready to snap. So many suffer from these aches and pains, trying unsuccessfully to ignore them. Too many people never visit a medical professional for treatment. After all, who wants to spend time and money chasing a treatment or cure which might not even work? Benefits-Blog


Study – Registered Massage Therapy

According to a new study, if you’re worried about the efficiency of your hard-earned dollar, a Registered Massage Therapist is a good bet. The study is titled Analysis of Provider Specialties in the Treatment of Patients with Clinically Diagnosed Back and Joint Problems, and it provides a ray of light for those searching for a cost-effective way to treat those painful hassles.


The researchers kept both symptom improvement and price in mind, and tested several kinds of medical providers. The 16,546 patients, between the ages of 18 and 85, had all been clinically diagnosed with back and/or joint pain prior to the study. They were asked to assess and report their quality of life, physical health and mental well-being according to a respected standardized system known as EuroQol-5D.


Data from these reports were used to determine which kind of treatment provider was overall most effective for helping patients on the road to recovery. The long list of types of providers included everything from massage therapists to orthopedic specialists, family/general practitioners to acupuncturists.


The findings of the study placed massage therapy among the best and most cost-effective methods of treatment for joint and back pain, along with “osteopathic, family/general, internal medicine doctors and chiropractors.” Further conclusions determined that “only massage therapy was cost-effective among non-doctor providers in improving quality of life measures.”


This comes as no surprise to Registered Massage Therapists of BT President, Joseph Lattanzio. “We provide treatment only when we reasonably believe it will improve our patients’ health,” he says. He believes the Registered Massage Therapists’ tendency to pay attention to their patients and respond only in ways which will benefit their patients the most distinguishes Registered Massage Therapists in this study.


Anecdotal evidence has long provided assurance that Registered Massage Therapists can be a great help to their patients, he says, but “now, we can do all this with the knowledge that RMTs also provide cost-effective treatment that has been shown to directly and positively impact the quality of life.”


With this knowledge, any Registered Massage Therapist can continue to do what they do best – bring care and healing to patients in need. With their extensive training and application of the latest research, a Registered Massage Therapist is able to review a patient’s needs and help move them toward wellness. They’re more capable than ever before of making sure you and your family enjoy a pain-free, happy life.


Back Pain VancouverRegistered Massage Therapy is one Cost-Effective Therapy you may want to consider.


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