Dog Days of Winter

Dog walking in Vancouver is a lucrative business. In Kits, in East Van, in the West End and on the sea wall; everywhere there are people walking four or five dogs, making sure that the pups get their daily exercise. Passing a dog walker on the street this morning got me thinking… What are the dogs’ owners doing at this very moment? Chances are, they’re seated at work. They got up this morning, sat at the breakfast table, sat on the Skytrain or in their car, sat through a meeting, and sat with their coworkers at lunch.

Later this afternoon, they’ll sit through their commute, sit down to dinner, and then have a seat on the couch, exhausted from sitting all day! We as human beings need at least as much physical activity as our pets. There is nothing special or magical about our physiology that would allow us to sit all day, every day, without developing health problems. In these first few weeks of 2019, give the dog walker a break and fire up your cardiovascular system! If that sounds scary, or if moving your body hurts, then drop by painPRO and I’ll help you get moving again!

Yours in Health,

Dr. Michael Palmer – Chiropractor

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