5-Step Work-From-Home Stretching Routine to Relieve Tension and Pain

By February 20, 2021Blog

Stay ahead of distracting pain and stiffness with a simple work-from-home stretching routine. By the time that you’re ready to settle in at table, desk or couch at your home, you’ll feel warm and free of tension.

While your tea steeps or your coffee brews, perform these stretches and enjoy a productive day.

1. Calf Stretch

Standing up, face a wall and rest your hands against the wall. Place your forehead against the wall and step one foot forward against the wall. Bend the forward knee but keep the other leg straight. You’ll feel the stretch in your calf. Hold the position for about 30 seconds and then repeat the stretch with the other leg.

2. Chest Stretch

Lace your fingers behind your back while standing up. Lift your clasped hands away from your back while keeping the arms straight. You don’t have to stretch farther than is comfortable. Hold the stretch for at least 10 seconds. This stretch relieves chest and shoulder tension created by hunching over a keyboard.

3. Shoulder Shrug

Computer use tightens the neck and shoulders. Make sure that you have a straight posture and lift your shoulders toward your ears. Squeeze your shoulders for a couple seconds and then relax them with a backward rolling motion. After 10 repetitions, start a new set except that you will roll your shoulders forward. You can do this exercise on your feet or in a chair.

4. Hip Stretch

Fight that tight feeling that builds up after long periods of sitting. Stay in your chair and put your right ankle over the left knee. Lift your torso into a straight position and then slowly lean forward. This action stretches the gluteus muscles. Repeat with the opposite leg arrangement.

5. Praying hands stretch

Most work requires typing and mouse clicking that can strain hands and fingers considerably. Keep hand pain under control with a simple hand stretch. Connect your hands like you intend to pray with your elbows also touching. Start with your hands in front of your face. While keeping your hands pushed together, open your elbows as you lower your hands in front of your stomach. You’ll feel a nice stretch through your wrists and fingers.

Feel free to repeat any of these stretches during your work day when you feel the tension building.

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