Self-massage tips to enhance your daily WFH routine

By March 20, 2021Blog

If you work from home, you likely experience tension in certain areas of your body on a regular basis. Sitting in front of a computer or performing other work-related tasks can be physically strenuous, and practicing self-massage techniques can help ease a lot of your muscle tension.

Here are some good self-massage tips to follow that will enhance your WFH routine.

Keep the skin on your hands soft

Touching parts of your body that you wish to massage with your hands will feel more comfortable if the skin on your hands is soft and smooth. Rough, dry skin or calluses on your hands won’t feel as good on your body and can have a more unpleasant abrasive effect. Using lotion on your hands regularly can help nourish the skin so that your hands will feel the most comfortable on the parts of the body that are being massaged.

Apply a soothing massage lotion or oil

You can make your massage strokes smoother and more effective by applying a lotion or an oil that’s specifically formulated for massage to the area of your body that’s being massaged. You should choose a lotion or an oil that feels good on your skin, has a pleasant aroma and doesn’t cause you to break out in an allergic reaction.

Use self-massage tools

Self-massage tools have been developed to make working out your muscle knots easier and more comfortable. Handheld back massagers can be used on tense areas of your back along with other parts of your body that need relief. Mini electric massagers and massage cushions are other great tools that you can try using.

Learn how to identify trigger points

Trigger points are areas in muscles where tension is held and can often cause pain. These points can also be found by feeling around certain muscles to find knots or tender spots that are relevant to the pain and discomfort that you’re feeling from your tension. Trigger points can often be alleviated by pressing on them and keeping the pressure applied for a few seconds or a minute or two before releasing.

Self-massage allows you to take better care of your body while working from home. In addition to self-massage, you can schedule an appointment with painPRO for more comprehensive massage therapy in Vancouver by visiting


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