Results of IMS Treatment

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Intramuscular Stimulation (IMS) as Therapeutic Treatment

IMS, also known as Functional Dry Needling, is the insertion of a small miloflament needle into a muscle to release dysfunctional muscle bands. This type of treatment requires certification through a course program in order to be practiced legally within the province. Our physiotherapists at painPRO Therapeutics offer this treatment in their practice if seen necessary through assessment, in order to reset muscle fibers and reduce tension build up. To understand how and why IMS is used, we analysed IMS statistics from our busy month of November in the year 2017.

General Improvement Reports

104 treatment visits were involved with IMS, leading to a reported 74.0% improvement post treatment. Contrast this to treatment visits who were not involved with IMS from the same Physiotherapists, which had a reported 58.5% improvement post treatment. While not taking these statistics as a firm number, the rates shown from patient charts demonstrates that IMS can definitely be effective for numerous amount of issues.

Cervical and Hip as Main Chief Complaints

Cervical areas of concern were one of the main areas addressed that lead to IMS during treatment. This lead to a reported 76.7% improvement post IMS treatment, with upper traps, erector spinae (muscles running along the back of the spine), and suboccipitals (muscles near the base of the head) being needled the most frequently. These treatment areas can help with any injuries to do with postural pain, upper back pain, neck, headaches, and shoulders. Hip areas of concern had a huge 90.9% reported improvement post IMS treatment, with glutes and piriformis being the main muscles needled. These treatment areas could help with any hip and deep glute pains, knee and leg injuries, lower back pain, sciatica, and more.

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