How Physio Can Help You Prepare to Sports in September

By August 26, 2019Blog

Many student athletes only consider treatment after they have been injured, but the truth is that regular work with a physical therapist before and during the season can actually help you become a better player and improve your overall performance.


Below are a few ways our practitioners can prepare you to go back to your sports teams when school is in session again.


  1. Massage Therapy


Massage is not just for when you are sore or injured. Scheduling regular massage therapy sessions in Burnaby or at one of our other locations, before, during and after the season can help to prevent tightness and muscle strain by keeping important muscle groups stretched and relaxed.


Better mobility and flexibility also drastically decrease your chances of injury during practices and games, which is another great reason to find an RMT in Vancouver who you can trust.


  1. Chiropractic Care


Visiting a chiropractor before the season starts is always a good idea. Chiropractors can help to improve your range of motion, circulation, posture and overall energy levels so that you can start playing at the top of your game.


Routine chiropractic visits can help to lower your chances of injury and improve your flexibility over time as well. It is also important to note that many common sports-related injuries are repetitive motion issues, and chiropractic care is an ideal treatment for alleviating the pain associated with this type of injury.


  1. Professional Advice


Serious athletes understand the value of creating a relationship with a skilled physiotherapist. These are experts in preparing and treating athletes who are competing at all levels, and this means that they can offer the best, most tailored advice on how to train effectively, recover more quickly and boost your game performance.


  1. Gear Recommendations


It is common for student athletes to use gear that is not ideal for their bodies. Whether they’re wearing shoes with the wrong kind of support or applying wraps incorrectly, these seemingly small things can have a huge impact on performance.


Physiotherapists can recommend the right types of braces, sport wraps and orthotics to reduce or eliminate undue stress on the joints, which lowers the risk of injury and supports correct, healthy movements.


It’s Never Too Early to See a Physiotherapist


For many athletes, routine visits to physiotherapy offices are just another part of their training regimen. There’s still time to get your body ready before school sports start up again, so don’t hesitate to call or email us at PainPRO to schedule an appointment.








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