How Kinesiologists Can Help You Stay at the Top of Your Fitness Game

By July 29, 2019Blog

Congratulations! You’ve committed to making fitness a regular part of your life.


But did you know that a kinesiologist can play a vital role in your workout routine, even if you’re not injured? This is because they are specially trained and educated in exactly how exercise affects our bodies.

More than that, a kinesiologist can help lay out a fitness plan that is medically appropriate for you, regardless of age, health or skill level. Most often, a kinesiologist works with patients to prevent injuries, those that have had injuries or have limited mobility. Kinesiologists will use their anatomy and physiology expertise and apply their knowledge to exercise prescription as well as offering trained hands on soft tissue techniques. If you are wanting to enhance your movement, a kinesiologist is the ideal professional for you to speak with.

Are you looking to start exercising but not sure if you are being safe? Are you active already? Are you looking to add variety to your routine? Kinesiologists specialize in body movement and can help you sieve through the numerous exercise and available advice out there since this information is typically not provided by trained medical experts that are taking your unique body into consideration. They will determine appropriate frequency and intensity levels for your desired outcome. 

Managing injuries on your own can often result in more sever or chronic injuries down the road. If an injury does occur, your kinesiologist will be there to help you determine the correct path to recovery. This can include support from a physiotherapist, massage therapist or chiropractor who offer manual therapy techniques. 

We need our bodies for a lifetime so be sure to use it but not abuse it! 



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