Comparing ICBC Statistics for Lower Mainland

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ICBC Statistics


To contrast and compare our previous post on ICBC demographics for painPRO Coal
Harbour, we conducted an analysis of 375 patients with ICBC claims at our painPRO
Surrey Memorial location within the full calendar year of 2018.

Our Surrey Memorial location offers the same types of treatment modalities to our
patients, including Registered Massage Therapists (RMTs), physiotherapists,
chiropractors, and kinesiologists. This type of consistency between clinics allows our
company to serve patients efficiently, and maintain a top standard of therapeutic care.
The following statistics were gathered from ICBC patients who visited painPRO Surrey
Memorial for practitioner treatment because of a motor vehicle accident.
General Demographic Findings

The analytics demonstrate that roughly 61 percent of these patients were female and
that nearly 39 percent were male. Large portions of these patients had either a desk or
mild activity occupation, with 37 and 34 percent, respectively. Following this was a 20
percent occupation based on non applicable status, which includes retirement,
unemployment, and students. Manual labour was still the least of the occupations,
accounting for 9 percent of total patients.

The average age of all the ICBC patients are roughly 39 years of age, while desk and
office occupations have an average age closer to 34. Mild activity and manual labour
occupations were both closer to the average 39 years of age. Non applicable
occupations had an age nearly 47 years of age, which corresponds with a higher
sample of retired, older patients. Females had a greater percentage of desk and mild
activity occupations, whereas males had a greater variety in all four occupational types.
Lastly, the average age of males were also roughly one and a half years greater than
the average age of females.

Within the Surrey Memorial clinic, we also found that an outstanding 86 percent of the
ICBC patients reside in Surrey. The next common city of residence was Vancouver, at
less than 4 percent. This demonstrates that an abundance of patients come from within
the Surrey area for convenience. Only a small amount of patients reside from other
cities in the lower mainland, likely due to increased commute times and other available

This information can be useful for comparisons to other painPRO locations in future
analyses. We can also use the information collected to study the demographics of
patients who seek treatment from practitioners in Surrey Memorial throughout the year.
The data from this study may also be helpful in determining trends in patient needs,
which can help our painPRO offices devise better, more effective treatment plans for
common complaints.

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