City Square ICBC Demographics

By August 12, 2019Blog

To contrast and compare our ICBC Demographic statistics with other locations, we conducted an analysis of 182 patients with ICBC claims at our painPRO City Square location within the full calendar year of 2018.


Our City Square location offers all therapeutic disciplines for motor vehicle accident related treatment, including registered massage therapists (RMTs), physiotherapists, chiropractors, and kinesiologists.


The following statistics were gathered from ICBC patients who visited painPRO City Square for practitioner treatment because of a motor vehicle accident.


General Demographic Findings 


Statistics show that roughly 63 percent of these patients were female and that nearly 37 percent were male. A majority of these patients had either a desk or mild activity occupation, with 40 and 32 percent, respectively. Following this was a 20 percent occupation based on nonapplicable status, which includes retirement, unemployment, and students. Manual labour was the least of the occupations, accounting for 8 percent of total patients.


The average age of all the ICBC patients is around 39.5 years of age, which is surprisingly greater than all painPRO locations. All four occupations had a variety of ages, with the greatest being non applicable occupations and mild activity, over 42 years of age. Manual labour and desk/office jobs followed, approximately 37 and 35 years of age, respectively. Females had a greater percentage of desk and mild activity occupations, whereas males had a more variety in occupations, but specifically greater in manual labour occupations. The mean age between the two genders was differed by roughly 1.5 years, with males being the older sample.


With City Square statistics, we found that the leading city of residence was Vancouver at 72 percent. Surrey and Burnaby were not common but followed as the second and third with 12 and 5 percent, respectively. The patient base is more centralized in Vancouver, much like the Surrey Memorial clinic which is concentrated in Surrey. This implies that patients likely reside within a close radius of the City Square clinic, and may select the clinic due to a convenient location in addition to great motor vehicle accident care and treatment.


This information can be useful for comparisons to other painPRO locations in future analyses. We can also use the information collected to study the demographics of patients who seek treatment from practitioners in City Square throughout the year. The data from this study may also be helpful in determining trends in patient needs, which can help our painPRO offices devise better, more effective treatment plans for common complaint.

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