5 Small Things You Can Do to Enjoy Life More

By January 24, 2022Blog

Even simple acts can lead to big lifestyle adjustments that improve your overall wellness. You can start taking charge of your happiness by giving yourself time to focus on what you need to feel good. Follow these tips to enjoy life more.


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1. Nurture your relationships with family and friends

People with strong social connections have better mental health. Their connections with other people help them avoid anxiety and depression.

This means that maintaining social ties deserves your effort. Make time every week, or even every day, to reach out to a friend or relative. Don’t put off getting in touch and making plans, even if it’s only for a quick chat. You could even get ambitious and organize a game night or potluck.


2. Declutter

Piles of clutter inflict more stress than you might realize. A messy environment triggers negative feelings because you can’t relax when surrounded by disorderly possessions. A real housecleaning will result in a mental housecleaning. You can accomplish decluttering in small steps. Each day, commit to organizing a drawer, donating old clothes, or clearing off a shelf.


3. Exercise

You don’t have to become an extreme athlete to benefit from daily physical activity. Exercise combats mild to moderate depression. It promotes the release of mood-lifting chemicals in the brain and releases tension held in the body. Walking, bicycling, jogging, or dancing are all great ways to get moving. And don’t forget that regular exercise also helps you sleep better.


4. Sleep more

Speaking of sleep, you probably need more of it. Chronic sleep deprivation leaves you grouchy and ill-equipped to deal with stressful situations. When you get enough sleep, your immune system is also ready to perform at its peak. Set a bedtime for yourself that will let you get enough sleep.


5. Eat healthy

You don’t have to give up your guilty food pleasures entirely, but, if you’re like many people, your diet could use some work. Sugary foods put your blood glucose on a roller coaster that lifts your mood and then drags it down. To combat this, you should limit sugar intake and focus on eating more vegetables and fish. Choose leafy greens and legumes to increase your intake of B vitamins. Salmon, halibut and sardines contain omega-3 fatty acids, a nutrient that lowers the risk of depression.

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