4 Common Winter Injuries

By December 2, 2020Blog

Winter is a time for fun in the snow, holiday gatherings and other special events, but the season can also bring certain dangers that put your health and safety at risk. Some types of injuries are known to occur more frequently in the winter, and physiotherapy can help you get back on track if you end up hurting yourself. Here are some of the most common winter injuries.

1. Slip and Fall Accidents

These accidents can occur when walking across slick surfaces and falling to the ground and can sometimes result in broken bones, concussions and other serious bodily harm. The ice and snow that the winter often brings can make sidewalks, driveways and other outdoor surfaces slippery and increase your chances of getting into a slip and fall accident.

2. Ski Accidents

If you choose to go skiing in Whistler or one of Canada’s other terrific ski resorts, you may suffer a ski accident that can leave you with minor or serious injuries. Ski accidents often occur from falling down while trying to ski downhill or traverse a cross-country ski trail. You could also suffer bodily harm if you collide with an object or another person while skiing, and physiotherapy may be needed to help your body heal better.

3. Car Crash Injuries

The slick roads and poor visibility that are often caused by snow, ice and heavy winter rainfall can increase your chances of getting into a car accident. To lessen your chances of getting into an accident on the road and help further your injury prevention efforts, it’s advisable to have your vehicle inspected by a mechanic before the winter season to determine if it needs any repairs or maintenance work.

4. Snow Removal Injuries

Even the task of removing snow can put you in harm’s way during the winter. Shoveling snow from your property and the adjacent walkways can put more strain on your back, which can lead to muscle pulls and tears. You may also end up damaging ligaments and tendons when shoveling snow. Cutting your hands from sharp objects that you encounter while you work can happen as well if the proper injury prevention measures aren’t taken.

The winter can be a dangerous time of year for you if you aren’t careful. Some injuries that you might sustain this winter may respond well to physiotherapy treatment, and you can learn more and schedule an appointment with a professional physiotherapist at painPRO by visiting painproclinics.com.


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