4 Common Athletic Injuries in Summer

By July 28, 2021Blog

Athletic injuries can occur for a variety of reasons, and these types of injuries sometimes occur more often during the summer. Being outdoors and taking part in physical activities can increase the chances of getting injured from tripping, falling and sustaining traumatic impacts to certain areas of the body. By making yourself aware of these four common athletic injuries, you’ll be able to take more precautions to try to stay out of harm’s way this summer.


Sprains occur when ligaments are injured because of sudden twisting or other body movements that put undue strain on the ligaments. You might sprain your ankle if you engage in sports like baseball and soccer that involve a lot of turns and stops. Warming up properly before partaking in athletic activities and using the proper equipment and playing techniques can help reduce your chances of sustaining a sprain.


Trauma to bones can cause them to crack, resulting in fractures. Getting tackled or tripping and falling while playing summer sports can make you more susceptible to fractures. Stress fractures could also form from repetitive use if you jog a lot or engage in other activities that require a lot of prolonged movements. To reduce your chances of getting a fracture, it’s best to get plenty of calcium and vitamin D in your diet to make the bones stronger and wear protective padding whenever possible.


Bruises that are small may cause some minor pain and are generally not too bothersome, but larger bruises that take a long time to heal could leave you sidelined. Falling or being hit while playing sports can cause bruising that stiffens muscles and limits mobility because of the increased pain. In addition to wearing protective padding, you can minimize your chances of getting severe bruises while playing sports by getting more vitamins C and K in your diet and avoiding sports that involve hitting or tackling.

Bone Dislocations

When two bones separate at the joint, a dislocation has occurred. Traumatic impacts and sudden, unnatural movements are among the top causes of bone dislocations that people get while playing sports. Some of the best ways to prevent bone dislocation include strengthening the muscles to provide better bone support and lose any excess body weight to decrease pressure on the bones.

Getting injured while partaking in physical activities can quickly zap the fun out of summer, but you can do things to keep yourself safer throughout the season. If you happen to become injured, painPRO has locations in Vancouver, Burnaby and Surrey that provide physio, kinesiology and massage therapy services that may offer you relief. Please contact a painPRO clinic today by visiting painproclinics.com if you’d like to schedule an appointment.

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