4 benefits of exercising outdoors

By March 15, 2021Blog

Exercising outdoors can offer you many advantages that benefit both your physical and mental health. Whether you prefer walking, jogging or cycling for exercise, you may notice a remarkable improvement in your state of wellbeing when you exercise outdoors rather than indoors.

Here are some key benefits to exercising outdoors.

The chance to burn extra calories

You may burn more calories exercising outdoors than you would if you worked out indoors. The wind blowing against your body outdoors can create additional resistance that makes your body work harder and use up more of your body’s stored calories for energy. Exercising outdoors will also give you more space to move around for longer distances, which can encourage you to burn more calories by working out harder and longer while outdoors.

Breathe in the fresh air

Breathing in the fresh outdoor air can be helpful for your body and mind as it can boost your brainpower and energy. You’ll also likely relieve more of your stress when you breathe in the fresh air. The fresh air can also help clear your lungs of unhealthy substances and particles that you might have inhaled indoors.

More opportunities to socialize

Interacting with more people can be good for your mental health and help you develop better social skills. You might meet new workout buddies when you exercise at parks or other public outdoor spaces where people gather frequently. Socializing and having more people to work out with you may also help you avoid certain dangers that you could encounter when exercising alone.

Sleep improvement

Outdoor exercise can even help you sleep better. The fresh outdoor air along with the exertion of exercising outdoors can help exhaust your body at the end of the day in a good way and help you feel calmer at bedtime. The improvement in your sleep can make a big difference in how effectively your body and mind recharge.

If you want to do what’s best for your health, exercising outdoors can be a step in the right direction. But even with all the benefits of outdoor exercise, pain can still occur from physical strain or injury. If you happen to experience any chronic pain from exercising, please visit painproclinics.com to learn about how painPRO can offer you relief.

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