3 physical therapy myths busted

By May 31, 2022Blog

There is a lot of misinformation floating around about what physical therapy is and what it isn’t. To many, it may seem like it’s “just stretches” or “just massage.” This is understandable if you’ve never had personal experience with a licensed physical therapist.

However, physiotherapy is so much more than that, and almost everyone can benefit from it. Let’s bust three of the most common physical therapy myths.


A girl receiving CST treatment. Osteopathic Manipulation and CranioSacral Therapy for children and adults


1. You have to be injured or in pain to benefit from PT

Physical therapy is great for rehabbing injuries, but you don’t have to be hurt or in pain to reap the benefits. Physio in Vancouver can also help:

– Delay or avoid surgery
– Increase mobility
– Improve endurance
– Prevent injury
– Improve balance

Some people who experience dizziness, neurological problems or overall stiffness can be treated with physiotherapy too.


2. Physical therapy is the same as regular massage

Physical therapists are highly trained individuals with specialized knowledge. Most have degrees such as Doctor of Physical Therapy. In addition, a number of PTs have certifications to care for people with medical conditions like Parkinson’s, stroke, neurological disorders and orthopedic diseases. While a regular Registered Massage Therapist is also a trained individual, they cannot offer the same type of care that our Surrey physiotherapy professional can.


3. Patients need a referral to get physical therapy

It’s true that some physio Vancouver practices may require a referral, but most don’t. If a patient needs a physiotherapy referral, they can ask any doctor for one. However, clinics like painPro are happy to take patients without a referral, which makes the recovery process easier and faster.

If you plan to file an insurance claim, be sure to check with your provider to see if they require a referral to cover your treatment.


Let us get your active lifestyle back on track

As you can see, a physical therapy practice can do a lot for you, even if you don’t have a specific injury that needs treatment.

At painPro, we also help with:

– Massage therapy
– Kinesiology
– Functional fitness
– Active rehabilitation
– Chiropractic care

Call or contact painPro today to schedule a visit and see how we can help you live a healthier, more mobile life.

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