ICBC Statistics Provide Interesting Patient Insights

To better understand our patients, painPRO conducted a survey of over 100 clients with ICBC claims.

We are proud to provide patients with access to chiropractors in Vancouver and the surrounding areas, and we are always looking for ways to better serve patients.

The following statistics were gathered from ICBC patients who visited painPRO for physiotherapy and other related services because of a motor vehicle accident.


General Demographic Findings

First, we learned that over 60 percent of these patients were female and that just over 35 percent were male. The overwhelming majority of these patients, both male and female, were desk or office workers. Approximately 23 percent had jobs that were considered “mildly active,” such as nursing or engineering, and only 4.5 percent had manual labor jobs. Of the 4.5 percent that held blue-collar jobs such as construction or skilled trade, all were male.

We noted that the average age of patients with desk jobs was about 35 years old, which is the lowest of the occupational demographics. Those classified as “mildly active” were 38 years old on average, and men who were classified as manual labor patients were approximately 41 years of age.

We also found that 60 percent of the patients seen reside in Vancouver, but an additional 20 percent travelled to our clinic in Coal Harbor from Surrey and Burnaby. This suggests that patients seeing our chiropractors in downtown Vancouver may work in the area, so scheduling a visit during the workday is likely more convenient than coordinating with massage therapy facilities in Burnaby or physiotherapy offices in Surrey.

This information can be useful for comparison to other painPRO locations in future analyses. We can also use the information collected to study the demographics of patients who seek treatment from RMTs in Vancouver throughout the year.

The data from this study may also be helpful in determining trends in patient needs, which can help our painPRO offices devise better, more effective treatment plans for common complaints.

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