How Physiotherapy Can Help Seniors Prevent Falls

A senior woman receives physical therapy

As you age, it is common to lose some of the mobility and flexibility you enjoyed in younger years. For some older adults, aches and pains can hinder their quality of life and even cause accidents such as trips and falls.


While it’s important to have regular visits with a trusted doctor, physiotherapy can also do a lot to help seniors move better and worry less about falling. Adding a physiotherapist to your care team can give adult children and grandchildren peace of mind as well because they know that their loved one is able to function with less pain.


How Physiotherapy Can Benefit Seniors


  1. Less Joint Pain


Joint pain and stiffness are common complaints among older adults, and over-the-counter painkillers are often not sufficient when it comes to treating pain and inflammation. PainPRO chiropractors in Vancouver, Burnaby, Surrey and North Vancouver are skilled at alleviating pressure on the musculoskeletal system, which can greatly reduce stress placed on joints.


Chiropractors can also help to make small adjustments in posture and gait that may help joints feel less stiff, and this means fewer chances of slips or falls.


  1. Better Arthritis Management


Arthritis can be difficult to manage effectively, but massage therapy in Burnaby and other parts of the Lower Mainland can help tremendously. Physiotherapists can work with you on stretches, small exercises and targeted treatments to better mitigate any pain or soreness that arthritis may be causing.


  1. Stronger Muscles


A big part of physiotherapy is correcting how you move. Small adjustments to posture and movement can have a huge impact on how well muscles and joints function. In addition, physiotherapists can teach simple exercises that can be done at home to improve muscle strength and tone.


When your muscles are strong, you are able to move better, and this reduces the risk of falling. Stronger muscles also mean that, should you fall, you will be able to recover better and faster from fractures or broken bones.


  1. Custom Orthotic Recommendations


Your feet work harder than just about any other part of your body, yet they are easy to neglect. Feet require more specialized care as you age, and physiotherapists can ensure that your feet get the care and support they need to keep you healthy and active.


Physiotherapists can prescribe customized foot orthotics that are tailored to your specific needs and foot measurements. These special insoles can improve circulation in the legs and feet, and this allows for safer and easier movement.


Don’t Let Age Slow You Down


Regular visits to a physiotherapy clinic such as PainPRO can help seniors feel healthier, more active and more confident in their daily lives.

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