Headache Pain

Headaches can result from numerous issues but the most common is muscle tension in the head, neck, and shoulder muscles. A proper assessment will help uncover the root cause of your persistent head pain.

Headache pain comes in many forms: tension, sinus, or migraine. You may have tried many fixes such as prescription drugs, painkillers, heating pads, icepacks, gels, lotions, and herbs.

Symptoms of Headache Pain

  • Head pain
  • Blurred vision
  • Neck/shoulder tension
  • Band like tightness

There are two common types of headaches…tension and migraine. The majority of headaches are related to tight neck/ shoulder musculature and myofascial trigger points.

Common symptoms include pressing or tightening head pain, pressure or band like tightness, and/ or increased tenderness of neck and shoulder muscles.

A number of factors can contribute to tension headaches including poor posture, mechanical overload, accident trauma, muscular overuse, nutritional imbalances, low hydration, and psychological stress.

Headache Causes

  • Muscle tension
  • Emotional unrest
  • Accident trauma
  • Stress

Headache pain can range from a nuisance to debilitating. Either way, headaches drain your energy and take the fun and enjoyment out of your day. What some people don’t realize is that many headaches are safely and effectively treated through non-invasive orthopeadic treatment strategies. Manual therapy can relieve and prevent headaches…without dangerous drugs.


Many of our patients get fast relief from their headaches. In addition to your manual therapy treatment your therapist will provide effective exercises and stretches to help keep your headaches from returning. The following list highlights common areas of headache pain:

  • Temples
  • Above the eye
  • In the eye
  • Forehead
  • Top of the head
  • Back of the head
  • Sides of the head
  • Upper part of the neck close to skull
  • Cheeks

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