Miro’s superior knowledge of human anatomy and kinesiology in combination with his long-time passion for body-building help him to understand various types of injuries.  Patients and colleagues are equally amazed by his positive outcomes with treating tension headaches, neck and low back pain.

In 1989, Miro obtained his Certificate of Massage from the National Sports Academy in Sofia.  He also has a degree in Bachelor of Animal Sciences from Bulgaria prior to immigrating to Canada. Since then, he has been practising Classic Swedish and Sport/Deep Tissue massages.  In 2010, he graduated from the 3000-hour program from West Coast  College of Massage Therapy with an outstanding performance on Registration Examinations.  

Combining with his knowledge, massage skills and physical strength, Miro is a well-rounded therapist who truly care for the wellbeing of his patients. His result- and patient-oriented attitudes are some of many qualities that attract patients to come to see Miro at PainPro- North Surrey City Centre. 

Don’t be intimidated by Miro’s tall, strong stature when he greets you at the Clinic.  He is a gentle giant at second glance


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