Yvonne – Yvonne makes it a priority to help support her patients in restoring strength, flexibility, and balance in areas of pain and injury. To achieve her patient goals she combines an array of techniques including, but not limited to: thorough assessment, fascial manipulation, swedish massage, specific deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy, active release, joint mobilizations, and muscle energy techniques. As she seeks to nurture her practice through continuing education, she strives to integrate new knowledge and modalities into her treatments.

Growing up, Yvonne was a musician turned high-school athlete, developing at an early age a knack for fine digital motor movement and control. With her early background in gymnastics, as well as competitive sports, she aims to educate her patients on the importance of post-treatment home care to prevent or restore dysfunctions and postural/muscle imbalances.

In her spare time, you can expect to find Yvonne working out in the gym, riding her bike, or spending the afternoon playing billiards. She loves to make music, hike new trails, and utilize the benefits of massages herself.

With her passion for anatomy and massage therapy, Yvonne is excited to work together with you to help get you started on your journey back to optimal health.


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