Dr. Reza Khamneipur has always been intrigued by the biomechanics of the human body. Having endured many sports injuries himself, and in treating those of his patients, he has a keen understanding of the effect that trauma can have on the body. His mission is to educate patients on the effects of scar tissue and adhesions formed from trauma, and to help them heal from their injuries.

Prior to moving to Vancouver, Reza worked in the San Francisco Bay area as a chiropractor for large corporations. He is certified by the National University of Health Sciences in Cox Flexion Decompression, considered to be the most effective method for treating disc herniations and sciatica without the use of surgery. He is also a Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician, and an American College of Sports Medicine Team Physician. Reza also has training in an upper extremity module of the Active Release Soft Tissue Technique and has an advanced proficiency rating in the Activator Method’s non-force technique.

He believes the human body is a dynamic organism that requires different perspectives to heal. “The first step to healing is to have an open mind,” he says, “and to work to conquer limiting and outdated beliefs.”

His hobbies include horticulture, mountain biking, hiking, and maintaining a healthy mind.