Vicky graduated from Vancouver Career College with honours. She became interested in massage after helping her mother relieve headaches with acupressure scalp massage. Her uncle, a Traditional Chinese Medical Massage Therapist, instructed her in acupressure massage. Prior to enrolling as an RMT student. Vicky worked as a body worker for 5 years. This allowed her to experience a diversity of patients and conditions. She treated many elderlies as the clinic she worked is near a senior community. Two expectant women were accompanied by her massage throughout their entire pregnancies. She was also trained in reflexology, which she found to be very beneficial for patients suffering from digestive or sleeping disorders.

Fascia techniques and trigger point release were the most intriguing aspects of her Vancouver Career College education. Vicky believes that fascia adhesion is the cause of many dysfunctions. She utilized numerous fascia techniques in both her case study and student clinic. Vicky is highly attuned to trigger points due to her prior experience with acupressure massage. She discovered that many trigger points are acupressure points as well.