Genelle focuses on injury rehabilitation and pain management. Influenced by her years of practice and her passion for exercise and activity, Genelle believes that movement is a fundamental component to combating your aches and pains.  Genelle utilizes a variety of orthopedic techniques, myofascial release, joint mobilizations, therapeutic exercise, athletic taping (K-Tape), instrument-assisted soft tissue release (IASTM) and Swedish massage to help her patients achieve a more pain-free life.

Genelle is a graduate of the 3000-hour program from West Coast College of Massage Therapy in New West Minster and has a Bachelor’s Degree in Health Science. Along with her traditional education, Genelle has been a longtime student of Yoga and more recently Pilates. Genelle often incorporates movement, stretching, muscle activation and breathing into her treatments.

Genelle has experienced working with a broad variety of patients; from competitive athletes, weekend warriors, workplace and motor vehicle accidents related injuries and children with sensory processing disorders.