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Suresh started his career in India as an Allied Healthcare Professional. During his ten years of practice he has gained a great deal of experience and learned variety of approaches to help his patients have a healthier and happier lives. Suresh migrated to Canada in 2012 and ever since he wanted to explore a more manual approach to therapy and found that massage therapy was the best way to make a difference in a patient centered care. During the graduation ceremony in West Coast College of Massage Therapy, he was awarded with the Joe Koscak Leadership Award for “exemplifying integrity, passion, perseverance and a student who has a passionate heart and a caring soul.” Suresh believes that knowledge is the key factor for treatment particularly in postural alignment. And now, Suresh focuses on musculoskeletal coordination, neurophysiological changes and neuroendocrine systems which all relate to physical performance. He is very excited to be part of PainPro clinics and to be working with the rest of the RMT’s trying to improve the quality of people’s lives.


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