James Li chose to start studying Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) when his father became ill with lung cancer and passed away in 2017. He was hoping to find a way to relieve pain,and discover the meaning to a better, healthier life.

James studied the acupuncture program at Vancouver Career College from 2019 to 2021, and became a Registered Acupuncturist in British Columbia in 2022.

James believes that no matter what kind of medicine or modality used, the most important thing is to provide effective treatments and help people live a healthier life.

Over the years, James has learned and practiced a large variety of advanced TCM acupuncture methods. Having progressed in his practice, he has been gradually shaping his own diagnostic and treatment methodologies.

His diagnosis is mainly based on Chinese Traditional Medicine: tongue, pulse, meridians, navel, and Taiichi Bagua. His treatment methodologies primarily revolve around umbilical acupuncture and fourteen-meridians acupuncture, supplemented by techniques such as acupressure, cupping and ear points,etc.

Notably, his approach has shown remarkable efficacy in pain conditions and has yielded positive results in addressing emotional syndromes and deficiency conditions.

James excels in using acupuncture to treat most pain symptoms quickly, effectively, and safely, including most acute and chronic pains, sports injuries, pain after car accidents and so on.

He also treats emotional disorders such as insomnia, depression and anxiety. And some deficiency syndromes such as fatigue, constipation, diarrhea, flu, fever, cough, asthma, stroke, facial paralysis, tic disorder in children, eye diseases, abdominal weight loss, and some chronic diseases like hypertension and diabetes. Practice has proved that his treatment results in the above areas are satisfied.

James takes effort to make his acupuncture safe, effective, as painless as possible, and uses needles as little as possible. He is aware that some people nowadays are still afraid of needles or any pain associated with needling and he has worked hard to find a way so that more patients can accept acupuncture and benefit from it.

James is dedicated to tailoring his approach to each patient’s unique needs. Effective communication with patients is paramount to him; providing them with guidance on pre- and post-treatment care as well as focusing on their long-term well-being. Crafting individualized treatment plans for each patient is a priority.

James Li is an outgoing, hardworking, and energetic person and enjoys communicating with others. Making Traditional Chinese Medicine as his lifelong career, he is hoping he can help more people at painPRO.